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Icicle [Jul. 31st, 2005|11:17 pm]
Icicle: Icicle, Icicle! You are shining for me?Collapse )
C-Criticism appreciated. Comments are also appreciated.

(Just realized I look like an attention seeker, I'm not. A striving artist.)
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Choices [Jul. 27th, 2005|11:11 am]
All my songs that I've written since March are located at my blogspot for lyrics.


I feel like my muse has returned, and I want to select about 10 of my best songs to record.
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Whisp [Jul. 5th, 2004|12:38 am]

[Emotion That I Feel |contemplativecontemplative]

Lost in this not so lucid dream world gently cradled in your arms.
It's oh so obvious to me the lack of reality
Your see thru nature but ..
Try as I might I can not surrender hope.
Gently they flutter upon my cheeks
The tiny whisps of lash
As I roam thru this alternate life this farce of reality.
It's all to true tho all to desperate my need for you
My need for your strength now that i have so little of my own..
There in your arms i am so tempted to believe that it is you who Dreams me ...
My views my thoughts so influenced
So carefully crafted by fingers vital and strong ..
Watching you work tools in hand
I wounder to myself what sort of dreamer i am
That my subject would spend a night working diligently
Building his wooden offerings
Carving them so carefully
Witch of us is real and witch is fiction?
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Not My Choice [Mar. 18th, 2004|12:03 am]

[Emotion That I Feel |depresseddepressed]

I cannot tell you the truth
For my jaws has been locked by my pride
With the determination that spurs me to live
I spiral into the darkness I created
I tried, I swear i did
Who wants to be caged in misery?

But I can't play God
I can't tell you all will be fine
Wishing with all my might
I pray for a better tomorrow
Who can tell what tmorrow will bring though?
A thousand promises or a bottomless pit filled with nothing
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(no subject) [Mar. 16th, 2004|01:57 pm]

I'd love to hear some of your poetry, Lyric Verse members :)
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III. (A little painful) [Mar. 12th, 2004|12:43 pm]

I feel as though there is no justice in this world. When the man who raped me goes free after just three short years in jail, my emotions are derailed. After he stripped me of my innocence, he ran away with little consequence. This is life? Not in my mind, for in my mind we should live in a time where an eye for an eye is all that exists, and no one can resist the power of my scorn, for I am the One who sees all evil deeds punished, and you will not be spared, for I care too much for myself to let you destroy me and the power that i see within myself. You will not be the end of me, for the light that shines within is enough to win the love of this world and further above it all is the night that holds me in its wings, knowing of all things great and small, knowing you are nothing at all. But me, I am the power that is and that will forever be. And as i lay me down to sleep, I am in ecstasy for I am in control now, and you will find yourself in hell. wondering how you got there, and thinking then- it was her, and all will be heard. For you are nothing but a sin, and my soul you could never win.
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Fallen [Mar. 10th, 2004|07:34 pm]

The rain has just started to pour outside her window.
She's drowning in her thoughts, fears, and tears of sorrow.
She stands before her mirror, questioning who she is.
Asking herself, "does it get any better than this?"
She wipes the smeared black makeup from her cheek,
As she brings her head back up, and takes another peek.
She stares at her face, dripping wet with tears.
And it is still herself, and the evil inside her that she fears.
She jumps at the sound of thunder cracking just outside.
But it isn't the rainstorm from which she'd like to hide.
She must save herself from the person she has become.
And she must learn to accept who she is, now that it's all done.
She can't live with herself, knowing how she caused her loved ones pain.
So she takes all of her thoughts and fears outside to dance with her in the rain.
She falls on the grass, laughs and shouts, "this can't be real!"
Insanity overwhelms her, as she shuts down from the pain she feels.
Lying on the grass, tears and rain falling into never-ending streams.
She searches within herself, and releases all of her dreams.
After all that she has done, she has lost all of her hope.
And now, with this pain, and this Hell, she must learn to cope.
She climbs to her feet, only to fall back to the ground.
Shouting in silent screams, not making a sound.
She is broken down now completely now, unable to stand.
All she needs is for someone to hold her hand.
She cannot speak at all, she can only cry and moan.
Lying still, in a pool of her own tears, she is alone.
She crawls slowly towards the door, and climbs back into bed.
She no longer feels pain or guilt, her heart is dead.
She takes one last look into the mirror, and it is plain to see,
That the evil stranger staring back at her is me.
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WELCOME! [Mar. 10th, 2004|07:15 pm]

Hello users!

This is a community where you can feel free to post your poetry!

We can discuss it, but I will not tolerate any cruel and rude comments! This is intended to be a nice community, where we can talk amongst each others as adults. :)

Have fun, and express yourself! :)

Angelica <3
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